Top 20 marketing blogs to follow in 2022

The digital marketing sector is constantly evolving, and it is sometimes difficult to keep up.

However, several solutions exist to stay abreast of new trends, to keep yourself informed, and to discover the latest technologies and innovations, the most efficient tools and solutions able to generate new customers or to manage your marketing budget.

The blog is undoubtedly part of these solutions that can help your online business to stay in the loop.

So we went looking for the best marketing blogs to follow in 2022 to learn everything about content marketing, digital strategy, e-commerce, emailing, SEO, social media and inbound marketing.

The 20 marketing blogs to follow in 2022 :

1- Moderator’s Blog
If you work in the field of webmarketing or online business, it is very likely that you already know about the existence of the Moderator’s Blog, a real reference in the digital world.

We appreciate their search bar, practical and functional, which allows you to browse through hundreds of articles that cover 5 categories: web, marketing, social, tech and tools.

2- Siècle Digital
Thanks to the Siècle Digital blog, get all the news from the digital world every day or once a week via a quality newsletter.

On their website, find articles, webinars, white papers and even podcasts to stay connected to the latest news in media, social media, marketing, retail, tech, cybersecurity and stay ahead of the digital transformation that has been shaking up the world for the last twenty years.

3- Content Marketing Institute
Here is a blog in English that proves to be a real gold mine for all professionals who are interested in content marketing.

Browse their menu bar and navigate through a multitude of topics related to content marketing: strategy, content optimization, SEO, social media, audience building, analytics, news and marketing trends, etc.

4- Hubspot
The famous CRM software brand is also known for the quality and variety of articles published on its blog.

Click on one of the themes offered – customer relationship, SEO, sales communication, social networks, lead generation, content marketing – and enjoy hundreds of articles written by experts.

To make sure you don’t miss anything, sign up for their “marketing, sales and customer relations” newsletter.

E-marketing is a must-read blog and a true bible in the field of web marketing. Created by experts in digital marketing, E-marketing offers you all the latest news on digital marketing, and much more, in print and digital versions.

Check out their various sections, which range from data to search marketing, including a wide range of educational tools (glossaries, white papers, studies, practical sheets, etc.) and even training.

6- Outfunnel
Here is a blog in English, created by a CRM integration specialist, Outfunnel.

It provides a lot of tips, insights and tools that help companies and their marketing teams increase their productivity and sales.

Every month, Outfunnel shares with its subscribers a newsletter filled with exciting e-marketing news.

7- Plezi
The brand specialized in inbound marketing solutions offers a very clean and aesthetic blog where e-marketing aficionados will have a blast, with topics on all our favorite topics: lead generation, marketing automation, email marketing, lead nurturing, marketing strategy, inbound marketing, content marketing and SEO!

The brand’s site also houses a phenomenal set of resources.

8- Marketing Land
Marketing Land is an English language blog produced by Marketo, the famous marketing automation platform owned by Adobe.

With its extremely sober design and navigation, Marketing Land gets straight to the point via its menu, which offers about thirty themes, including content marketing, lead management, customer experience, email marketing, demand generation, etc.

9- Webmarketing & Co’m
Here is a blog that covers almost all aspects of digital marketing today, with an impressive amount of articles and resources on search marketing, inbound marketing, e-commerce, mobile marketing, social media, etc.

On their website, you can also find job offers and announcements, as well as webmarketing trainings to successfully launch your digital project and other types of business operations.

10- Marketing Dive
This blog with the explicit subtitle – What marketers need to know – is a real bible that takes you on all the webmarketing fields: social media, creation, branding, video, data/analytics, influencer marketing, tech, advertising, consumer, etc.

Marketing Dive’s added bonus is first-hand insights from digital marketing and U.S. market specialists.


11- Digitiz
Digitiz is the ideal blog to launch your web project, with comparative articles, tool reviews and practical advice.

You can find absolutely everything on this site dedicated to digital: SEO, SEA, e-marketing, social networks, mobile, etc.

Digitiz also offers a list of partner web and communication agencies.

12- The Digitalizeur
SEO, marketing, social networks, email, growth, digital tools and entrepreneurship, Le Digitalizeur covers all the fields that interest you as an e-commerce owner, SEO, community manager or webmarketing specialist.

In this quality blog, you will find comparisons to choose your digital software and tools, whether it is for project management, business management, lead generation, etc.

13- Junto
At Junto, we also have a quality blog in which you can find a considerable amount of resources concerning mainly webmarketing and e-commerce, and in particular rankings of the best communication agencies, SEO, e-marketing, etc. for all the biggest cities in France.

We also cover all the latest news on digital and social networks.

14- Abondance
Abondance is a blog that has been analyzing all the news about SEO and search engines since 1998.

It’s a real library with hundreds of archived articles that will appeal to both laymen and advanced SEOs and home-made videos on specific SEO topics.

On their site, you will also find SEO audit and training services.

15- Leptidigital
Leptidigital is a blog that serves you all the news about digital marketing on a plate!

Take advantage of their monthly or bi-monthly newsletter and go to the next level in terms of digital monitoring to know everything about the latest Social Media, SEO, SEA, e-commerce, email marketing, inbound marketing or growth hacking.

16- Emarketinglicious
This blog created by Isabelle Mathieu is perfect for anyone who wants to know more about the world of social networks and learn about social media.

You’ll find a lot of tutorials, tips and articles about social networks, and more broadly about webmarketing, as well as all the news about the main social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

17- Codeur Mag
Coder Mag is a blog that deals with the most important aspects of digital marketing, with articles divided into several categories: webmarketing, SEO, e-commerce, content marketing, growth hacking and entrepreneurship in the digital sector.

There are also very well done tutorials to learn how to create a WordPress site or an e-commerce with Shopify, among other things.

18- Audrey Tips
Contrary to what its name might suggest, Audrey Tips is not an English language blog managed by a marketer. Behind this blog is a web entrepreneur named Laurent Vermot-Gauchy, who wants to share the knowledge and experience of a dream-team composed of several digital marketing experts, themselves entrepreneurs on the web.

You will find valuable advice on this blog about SEO, digital strategy, content marketing, social networks, online advertising, etc.

19- The Community Manager’s Journal
Often abbreviated as “JCM”, the Community Manager’s Journal is an essential blog for companies and social network professionals such as community managers and influencers who want to stay on top of social media and community management.

You will also find on their website additional sections dedicated to SEO and digital marketing.

20- Badsender
Badsender is both an agency specialized in emailing and CRM solutions, and a blog, which shares its experience and expertise through articles dealing with news, design, code, tools, strategy, deliverability, etc. in short, everything related to email marketing.

So if you’re planning to launch email campaigns, check out this informative blog.

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