The 5 best training courses on SEA techniques

Why train in SEA?
Search Engine Advertising, or paid search, allows you to promote your website by paying search engines or certain social network platforms.

It is a strategy that ideally complements your natural referencing action, more frequently called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but also your SMO (Social Media Optimization). These three techniques are also included in what is called SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Thanks to SEA, you will be able to gain visibility, acquire qualified traffic on your site, and consequently generate more sales.

The objective of a SEA training, as we will see in this article, is to give you the tools and skills to launch effective advertising campaigns on Google Ads, of course, but also on the main social networks and media that now all have their own advertising network, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

The final objective, following your SEA action, will be to generate a return on investment. And one of the great advantages of paid search is that you can measure your performance quite precisely, and adjust your strategy in real time, depending on the results observed.

If we tell you: your SEA expenses will amount to €10,000, you may find this amount exaggerated if your company has only a few years of existence behind it and a dozen employees. But if your Paid Ads efforts on social networks bring in 3 times that amount, the initial outlay is secondary.

At first glance, a SEA training program may seem rather unappealing to those of us for whom the subject remains vague and distant. But you should know that paid search is a sine qua non for the success of your online business, and understanding how it works is essential for launching effective advertising campaigns on the Internet and generating business for your e-commerce.

In a good SEA training, we will introduce you to the main SEA and social network platforms, and teach you many things, such as how to set up a Google Ads campaign, the different types of campaigns (Branding, Display, Retargeting, etc.), how to choose the right keywords, how to create effective landing pages, among others.

Here are 5 training courses that will allow you, in 2021, to discover the SEA or to deepen your skills in the field:

Locoform is an ideal course if you are new to SEA. Most audiences are accepted (current employees, job seekers, etc.), with the exception of students.

It will be taught by digital marketing professionals, certified Google Partner and can be done either in person or remotely, depending on your preference.

During this training, you will learn how to set up an efficient and perfectly optimized Google Ads campaign (formerly Adwords), after having first observed all the types of Google Ads campaigns, and become familiar with all the elements and techniques required to create a sponsored links campaign and manage the global paid referencing of your website.

Here are the main objectives put forward by Locoform:

To understand how sponsored links and Google Ads work
Be able to make the right choice of keywords for your Google Ads campaign
Manage and set up a SEA campaign with Google Ads
Monitor your performance
In order to provide you with the maximum knowledge during this training, Locoform’s experts use different teaching methods and strategies, such as case studies and practical cases, in addition to the essential theoretical notions to be acquired.

Locoform’s SEA training courses usually last 4/5 days and are charged at €1,200. Do not hesitate to ask for more details, as Locoform can, for example, take care of certain financing arrangements for your training, which can reduce its overall cost (CPF).

At Novolinko, we offer individual training in SEA, with customizable content, which can be done remotely or in person.

All types of public are accepted: employees, job seekers, students, etc.

Here are the main objectives that Novolinko’s certified trainers will have to transmit to you

The stakes of paid referencing.
Define the essential elements of a Paid Ads campaign.
Create and set up a campaign.
Configure an advertising campaign on social networks.
During this training, you will learn in detail how to create your own SEA campaign, with Adwords, by first creating your AdWords account, and then going through all the steps that are essential for the success of a SEA campaign:

structuring and setting up your campaign
Monitoring and managing the performance of your campaign
Learn how to adjust your bids
Writing effective ad texts
Daily follow-up and improvement of conversion rates
Exercises and final evaluation by MCQ, certification
Novolinko, a certified training organization, contacts you before the training for a telephone interview to understand and identify your needs. This institution guarantees you a personalized training by experts, via a pedagogical platform that favors learning and follow-up.

At the end of the course, you will receive a recognized certification.

This training lasts 3 days and its price is 2100 € (CPF, Compte Personnel de Formation)

Dawan is a training center present mainly in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, and in many other cities in France, which offers distance or face-to-face courses.

This school offers you a group training to deepen your knowledge of Google Ads, given by an expert trainer and trained himself in pedagogy.

Here are the main areas of study covered in this training which is aimed at employees and job seekers who already have a solid foundation with Google Ads :

The first part is about optimizing your search campaigns. You will first learn when to adjust a bid and how to establish your budget. Next, you will learn how to customize your ads, as well as how to ensure the quality of your keywords.

After understanding how to refine your geographic and temporal targeting, your trainer will show you how your campaign compares to the competition.

Other topics covered in this course include

Calculating your ROI
Creating a Google Display campaign
Learning about other types of campaigns, including YouTube
Your training ends with more in-depth concepts, such as creating analytics reports, linking data between Google Ads and Google Analytics, using Dynamic Ads (DSAs), tailoring your campaigns to your marketing goals, and finding areas for optimization.

In addition, you are entitled to a practical session and a skills assessment at the end of the course.

This training proposed by Dawan takes place over a single day and costs 700 €.

Tamento offers a group Facebook Ads training that will allow you to improve your knowledge and mastery of the advertising platform of the famous social network.

It is possible to follow this training – which is only for employees and companies – in Tamento’s Parisian center, or from your home.

If you are a community manager, media planner, marketing manager or communication professional, this training is made for you.

You will learn to know and master all the different formats available on the Facebook advertising platform, but also on Instagram. You will know everything about the possibilities offered by the number one social network in the world.

Here is an overview of the program of this training dedicated to Facebook Ads:

Facebook: the history of the social network, its business model, the Facebook algorithm
How to promote your Facebook page: defining your strategy and objectives
Preamble: the rules of advertising on Facebook, the management of an advertising account, the budget, the advertising formats and the different advertising spaces on Facebook.

Then you will learn how to create an advertising campaign on Facebook (targeting possibilities, Facebook pixels and remarketing, audiences and statistics, etc.) and how to manage it, by measuring the main performance indicators, such as ROI (Return on Investment), CPC (Cost per Click), cost of acquisition, etc.

At the end of your training, you will have to design a complete advertising campaign (targeting, formats, budget, visuals) during a practical session.

This training offered by Tamento lasts one day and costs 700 €.

What’s great about Formasuite is that you can choose the place and date of your “Google Adwords campaign creation” training! But you can also follow it remotely, from home or from your company office.

Theoretically, at the end of this training, you will know everything about the following topics

Creating and setting up a campaign with Google Adwords
Optimization of keyword campaigns
Communication via sponsored links
Before receiving this training which takes place over two days, for a total of 14 hours of contact, you will have the chance to have a telephone interview with the trainer which will allow to personalize and optimize your training.

Here is the study program, day by day:

Day 1:

The different ways of searching on Google; the importance of keywords; presentation of Google Adwords, and theoretical knowledge on SEA and SEO.

Day 2: Creating an ad on Google Adwords, and analyzing its performance; rules for writing ads; the bidding system on Adwords: how to define your budget?

At the end of your training, a debriefing session is organized with your trainer to see if the knowledge is acquired.

This training is charged 990 € and grants you a certification. No prerequisites are required.

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