Landing Page : What is it ?

What is a landing page? A landing page is a separate web page created for marketing or advertising purposes to increase conversion rates. Internet users “land” on a landing page after clicking on a link […]

The 5 best training courses on SEA techniques

Why train in SEA?Search Engine Advertising, or paid search, allows you to promote your website by paying search engines or certain social network platforms. It is a strategy that ideally complements your natural referencing action, […]

Generate leads on linkedin: 5 tips

For many years now, digital marketers have considered lead generation as a top priority. But it also remains their biggest challenge. Feeding the sales pipeline with high-quality leads that convert is ultimately one of the […]

iOS 14.5 and ad tracking

If you’re tired of ad tracking/tracking, and its mostly opaque nature that makes you feel like you have little control, the latest iOS 14.5 update developed by Apple promises to give you back control over […]